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Can you guys tell me if this is growth or bleaching? Kind of new to SPS, and my tank is relatively new.
I assume it’s growth, since the polyps are out.

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I'm used to bleaching being less localized than that. If I was going to call it anything I'd call it a burnt tip, although it doesn't look like that. In this case it looks like growth.
When Ashburn2k had my frags some of the SPS developed an almost tumor like growth in some places, although seemed perfectly happy otherwise. Unfortunately I have no long term report as the tank is still a phyto stew. UV went on today, so soon enough I'll see how it turned out, assuming things are still alive which may be optimistic of me.

Bruce Spiegelman

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Honestly, based on he rest of the color it appears to be burnt tips to me, but I do have corals that growth patterns shift and sometimes look like localized "bigger" burnt tips too.