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How did you find out about @ BAR?

How did you find out about BAR?

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My friend told me when it was called something else. When andyman started it. I forget the name. Arnold will know. He’s OG. Lol people use to argue and have big attitudes. Wasn’t a pleasant place
I don’t remember what it was called but was a large public local event with lots of vendors (not CFM I don’t think) and BAR had an outreach booth. “Booth” was a bare table with a person willing to talk about the club behind it. That was enough for me lol
Bare ? I think. It was in 2000. They were on RC ? No website back then. Was there something before bare ? If it was. It was that one. I remember it was one group then arguing then split into two.
BARE before the break-up

I learned of BARE via RDO or RC, not sure which.
I watched a lot of YouTube videos and almost all the channels I was watching attributed their success to their local clubs so I looked for a Bay Area reefing club and BAR popped up. Good name for SEO :)

I guess the closest answer is da web