got ethical husbandry?

I Wanna Sex You Up Mycedium

I've got 2 frags up for DBTC, for pickup at BAYMAC. pick 1-20.
Sorry for dark pics, they don't really do the colors justice but you can see these are substantial frags.

Real nice goin', Bill. You have the magic touch with coral, that's for sure!

Bar Members: Don't wait to request one of these rare mycedium frags if you've been successful with LPS. Just look how SEXY they are! >) Note: I don't plan to frag any more of mine as I want to grow it into a mega colony.....
...well, lost the battle to this little one, seemed to get well and healthy after loosing some tissue from the skeleton, seem to do well for the past month and today is plain skeleton.
Frags of this coral seem to be very sensitive to high light and swift current. I've lost more than one frag of mycedium by placing them in too much light or current. Once the frag grows out a bit, I've been able to sneak it up a bit to about 1/3 up from the bottom.
I will be fraging this soon and will need to get it out of the tank ASAP . How many people want a frag ? second question is how do we get it to you ?

I dont see it being much of an issue to do 10 or so large frags .
xcaret , Id be glad to give you another piece . I just have to figure out how to get them to distributed .

Anyone else ? These NEED to find a home
So I picked this up from hooked, but we did not yet cut it up. I am planning on buying an inland saw asap and will pass these out at the swap.
A very hearty strain of mycedium. Place frags about 2 1/2" from the next closest coral to prevent sweeper stings and be sure to soak the newly sawed frags in a solution of Revive for about 5 minutes to insure infection free healing of the new saw cuts. My mini-mother colony is getting huge and looks great in it's semi-permanent spot on the reef.