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JF Brain Freeze monti

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I bought this from @Rostato awhile ago. Seems to be very hardy.
Growth form is plating, but not a regular cap.
Red with blue polyps
Will add a pic later.
Haven’t sawed it up yet but will so soon.

Standard dbtc rules, meaning put 2 equal or larger frags back into the chain than what you received.

Update every 6 months or so, pics are a plus.

Would prefer this is only given out through the dbtc program, or for free to supporting members, or entered into BAR frag swaps.

Trying to avoid people taking frags with the intention of selling them in the future.

Please have a tank journal.
Well since all my SPS haven't S/RTN'd in the tub, I'll throw my name in, maybe after I get the PAR meter, so couple weeks at least, just to make sure I'm getting decent lighting.
I’d call it more like pink with purply Blue polyps. Proper coloration on it with lower PAR should give you a nice deep pink color.
Tough one to get pictures of. I’ll try again tonight
setosa is much much more orange. Should be no where near the color of setosa.
I’ve seen setosa and red monti cap vary a lot between red, orange, and almost pink. The texture of this resembles the setosa a little is mainly why I said that. Also, I’m pretty sure @sfsuphysics has some setosa.
Do you know is this a monti Danae by chance? That’s my best guess without trying look it up.