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teaser #2. added 8 out of the 10 xr15pros g5 before leaving town for a few days.
How's the borbonius anthia doing with all the heavy lighting? Or is it one of those captive bred ones from Biota (that might be adapted to aquarium lighting)?

Looks like it's going be a real monster of an SPS tank! Are you going to keep all the lights on one rack parallel to the tank or maybe angle some to get less shading?
the borbonius has been in captivity for over 5 years. its acclimated for the high par already.
long story short. I've been super busy with family. my wife and I are expecting our 3rd kid (boy) due in either late Sept or early Oct. she totaled her car a month and a half ago - finally got insurance company to pay out the lost. shes been in and out of the hospital for check ups since she is far along in her pregnancy. she is healthy and so is the baby; thats all that counts.

tank hasnt been touched since the transfer in April. lost a few pieces but that was giving. tank is thriving on auto pilot and this is why I hate encrusting montis - took out about 4 of my sps in warfare. evicting this bad boy. good news, I made more space for more sps.

mystic monti in about 3.5 years of growth

3x pe mysis pellet auto feeder daily
pieces frozen pe mysis / lrs reef frenzy
15ml weekly red sea trace ABC
30ml weekly red sea trace D
refill ato

all unknown - have not tested since feb 2023 and that was just alk @ 7.4
last icp oct 2022
any updates?
no update. been busy with 3rd child, he is almost 4 weeks old now. tank has still been on auto pilot and haven't touched it as you can tell I haven't cleaned the front panel yet. still running dastaco C2 and havent swapped out into the A2 version yet. been lagging on setting up a kalk stirrer avast k1 hooked up to an apex dos. upgraded the return pump on dt to a vectra L2. added a 57w uv connected to a vectra S2. total lights on dt are now 10x xr15pros g5 running a modifed ab+. running 6x mp40wqd as well.

added a deep blue frag tank (thanks to @Srt4eric) hooked up with a vectra M2 plumbed all together with the dt sump and will add either a xr15pro g6 or xr30blue g5 that I have laying around to the current lights of 2x xr15pro g5 on same modified ab+ settings. flow wise, I have 2x mp40wqd in there as well.

not a sponsor of ecotech products, but I think I should be.


newly added fish was a small achilles. no qt and just threw him in (yolo). he had a hawaiian yellow eye kole bully him for a day, but everything was fine afterwards.


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got some friends who made fun of my front glass. here is an update even though I pissed off everything in the tank. first time ive cleaned it since the xfer in April 2023. looks decent after many months of neglect. honestly, i think i might call it quits and stop for a bit and come maybe back once my kids are all grown up.

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tang gang and friends:

let's play a game. name all the fish in the tank 1- 8 for a frag of an og tyree pink lemonade. I will not just take tang or foxface as an answer, needs to be more specific. @Arvin R and @Srt4eric are banned from this game.

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1. Borbonius anthias
2. Blue tang
3. Gem tang
4. Yellow tang
5. Purple tang
6. Foxface lo
7. Yellow eye kole tang
8. Achilles tang