KLEMS SCA 50g cube


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As long as the chaeto isn't dying and releasing nutrients back into the water and there is still room for growth, the more chaeto in there to grow, the faster the uptake should be.


You need to have some room for the chaeto to grow so if it’s packed in there you should prune.

With regard to the imbalance between N and P, growing just about anything like chaeto or bacteria (carbon dosing) will use up nutrients in proportion to the Redfield ratio of C/N/P (ie a lot more N than P). Also feeding puts those nutrients in your tank in about the same ratio. So you probably have an extra sink of N or extra P from something.

You can get it back into balance by running GFO since it depletes P, or dosing N (stump remover). I personally wouldn’t mess with it unless you are having problems, though GFO is pretty straightforward.

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Ok, I will trim a bit of the cheato and also add another tablespoon or two of GFO in my reactor next week.


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Added some extra GFO into the reactor on Thursday and as of today the PO4 is down to .086
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ALK- 9.1
CA- 445
PO4- .040
NO3- 4
MG- 1560

Looks like things are staying nice and stable, even after switching to Fritz Pro salt from IORC.


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I added some after the last test to ensure it stayed above 1400....but Fritz has a higher value of MG that RC out of the box


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Current water parameters
ALK- 8.8
PO4- .037pm
NO3- 2
CAL- 420
SG- 1.026
MG- 1300

Adding some MG supplement to raise it up....other parameters seem good.


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Tank parameters:
DKH- 9.2
PO4- .043
MG- 1300
NO3- 15!!!
SG- 1.025

Looks like I need to do another WC...with a dose of NOPOX... an feed less.
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