KMS 120 gal


How big is the tubing for those dosers? Having a problem with my aqualifter that I use to dose RO/DI water to my kalk reactor, the tubing needs to be RO line tubing to fit into the kalk reactor, unfortunately as I found out last night, it popped off the Aqualifter pretty easily when I was refilling, mostly because the Aqualifter doesn't have a barb on the output it holds on with friction which only works as long as the tubing end remains elastic.
There are some reducers in case the line is loose; one end is bigger diameter.
I was clearing some old stuff and found one little coupler; I’ll check if it fits RO line and air-line tubing.


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Yeah I seem to recall having a few waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when with my last peristaltic pump, not sure I know where they are though I need a system of storage more akin to what you do :D

Now that I think of it I tossed those super old pumps a couple weeks back and with said parbs
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Ok got it today, and yeah that barb is for a much smaller ID tubing (that does come with it) so going to see what I can do to make it work, going to guess the tubing is flexible enough to jam a much larger barb in.

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Tank survived lockdown for a loooong time without anybody. I got in right before and did what I could. Made sure feeder and top off were full, and hoped for the best. It went surprisingly well!
Been able to get in every 2-3 weeks lately at night. Have added some corals and everything is doing well.
Only big problem is aiptasia haven’t been able to stay on top of them or get any peppermints in there yet
Going to to try berghia i think