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Malaysian Acros?

The reason I put it in the garage tank was because I was kinda afraid to put it in the main tank, not knowing how sensitive it would be. My main tank is running high nutrients 100+ppm No3 and .9+ppm Po4 and just like @Thales my corals especially all the SPS and recent additions of Strawberry Shortcake, Needle in the Haystacke, BC Rainbow Mellon from Omar are doing great. I guess I should have taken my chance.
Picked up a frag of the “second colony” on Wednesday. Here’s how it’s looking in QT so far.


My remaining 3 frags came out of QT and are doing ok, just starting to see a small amount of polyp extension again, but they are encrusting so that’s a good sign. In retrospect I should have fragged the other colony but then I wouldn’t have had that experiment to learn from. 50% yield is ok with me if it guarantees no bugs get in my tanks.
Did you see any green in the skeleton? On the colony that survived I cut until I couldn’t see any green in the skeleton, in case skeleton algae infestation is a thing (?)

Nope. Nothing that looked that unusual. Just a bare white spot where it seems like a frag was broke off from and was already growing tissue back over it.
is anyone willing to frag a small piece (any size will do)? I just lost my frag due to flux treatment.
Oh no. That’s terrible. Worse part is that they are so hard to come by now. I should’ve brought in a lot more because everyone is looking for a piece. ‍♂️

I have 2-3 brood stock frags left but they are definitely not ready to be fragged. Slow grower.