Malaysian Acros?

Not so good. May lose few colonies due to stupidity. I was too aggressive at dipping them due to a Gorilla crab so lost one colony completely. That was yesterday. The remaining 8 colonies are struggling. Hopefully they’ll pull through. Will keep you updated in next few days.
Just wanted to update that the last of my speciosa frags from that July 2022 shipment died. None of them were happy to be in captivity. It would really help to know where these corals came from so we could adjust their environment. It’s possible they need to be isolated from other corals until they get acclimated to the stress of being in a very different water salinity, temp, nutrition, light etc than they are used to.
Did they encrust or grow at all, or just stall there and die? Curious because I have a frag that lost some color but it's encrusting a little bit. I'm nervous about moving it to different conditions.