My 170g cube


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Someone mentioned they wanted to see the electrical cabinet. It's not fancy, just some scrap plywood and 2x4 I had laying around the garage.

I had more controllers to mount than expected (hence the sideways Deepwater pump controller). Inside the cabinet is two jebao ow-40 controllers for detritus pumps in the display tank, two ow-10 controllers for the frag tank, my 10 year old apex classic brain box that monitors the frag tank (redundancy temp and ph monitoring) and controls the rapid led fixtures over the frag tank via 0-10v ports.



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Some random shots of the frag tank. Things are still settling in after transfer (and a few hours in buckets of cold water because it took a lot longer to set up that I accounted for).



you ever pop the bubbles out of curiosity? I do it on my bounces a lot and it just grows back. Its definitely all water, no air.

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