got ethical husbandry?

New Salt Water LFS in Oakland

Congratulations! This is an excellent news for the hobbyists in that area! There will be lots of challenges for you ahead so stay positive, focus and take it one day at a time. This is tough business to be in but if you have enough passion for it, it will take you far.

Good Luck!
Thank you Robert! It’s been a long time. Yes I am nervous and excited for the road ahead! Yes I have already felt some of downs, but just looking up and my passion for this hobby is what drives me. I am putting blood sweat and tears into this to try to make it right. Now all the really hard stuff is done I can focus on my husbandry! I hope to see you there some time! I stopped by Neptune a couple months back, it had been a long time, man it’s looking so good there! Love the displays!!!!
You and Carson have been a big influence on me!
Congratulations! You clearly know your reefing stuff from our chatting when you came by my place. I look forward to stopping by, looking at your system and hearing about your quarantine methodology. Maybe even pick up a few things for my already packed tank.
just looked up your address, Didn’t realize your store is across from Bret Harte school. That was my jr. high school many years ago.
I can’t wait to stop by to check you out.
Ya man! One of my kids want there, now she is at skyline, and my youngest is at sequoia elementary and next your she’s at Brett Harte
Don’t forget! This Sunday!!! Raffles, prizes, food, drinks, music and lots of underwater fire!


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Hey everybody, tomorrow is the day!! Grand opening! Got a couple of free raffles, get a raffle ticket just for coming, and more with a purchase. Also have some paid raffles (1$) tickets, with some really nice coral, reef nutrition foods, gfo and carbon packs, etc. There will be a photo booth so come grab some silly photos! Also have free food and drinks!! Keg of IPA from ghost town brewery!

BAR members get 10% everything in the store except lighting and equipment. I’m setting my price points to be not a penny more then BRS. So with your member discount you will be getting better prices then BRS and you’ll be supporting a LFS at the same time! It’s small business week so come celebrate, meet fellow reefers, eat, drink, oh ya and buy some stuff, lol! Hope to see you all there and can’t wait to meet all you reefers!


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Dropped by today and chatted with Kenny - he gave me the royal tour. Nice to see everything front to back. Looking forward to frequenting the spot when I move to Piedmont.