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PG&E Planned Power Outage


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Hey everyone,

I was informed that PG&E is gonna be having a planned power outage in my neighborhood from 9am-3:30pm on November 3rd.

What should I do to make sure that my tank doesn't crash over the 6 hour period? Does anyone have any recommendations on where to rent a generator or a backup battery?

Thanks in advance!


It will be of much help if you let people know the area you live in.
If temperature won’t be an issue, dissolved oxygen might.
A battery operated air pump might be of great hel; I may have a couple of them.
A power head on a battery back up is a good option too to keep water circulating.


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1) How big is your tank?
2) How packed with corals is your tank?

But unless "a lot" would be reasonable answers to both of those questions I would say a generator is overkill for a 6 hour power outage. Not sure about renting a backup battery, and that would depend upon what equipment you were using too. You could just buy a battery backup if you're using a DC powered powerhead, or a UPS. Unless your house temperature plummets in 6 hours I wouldn't bother hooking up heaters, and definitely no lights. Like seriously a 20 watts of for water flow is probably all you'll need.


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You should also be aware that planned outages often last longer than the time frame given, depending on why there is an outage. If they have to do extensive checking of lines before turning back on, it could be 6 hours of outage followed by a day of safety checks before the power comes back on.