Photon V2's vs Orpheks


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Hey folks, I'm looking to upgrade my tank with the goal of having a mixed reef system in the coming months and I was hoping to get some opinions on what lights you guys like better.
I have a lot of SPS I've been keeping on my rocks, so far, so on this new system I wanted to get more LPS corals. I eventually imagine having a lot of SPS colonies and LPS colonies together with a lot of variety. I already use an orphek compact v4, but I was interested in trying the Reef Breeder's photon light as well.

Should I just stick with the Orphek lights I've been using, or can I get away with transitioning into using Photons?



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I also agree with the whole if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I also had the reef breeders and was a huge fan and have radions now and honestly would go buy reefbreeders again if I had to get more lights. But I wouldn’t go replacing what I have with the reefbreeders. If you find the Orpheks too small for the new tank you can always add a reefbreeder later