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Hi - I just joined because I need to sell my system but it won't let me post on the FS forum. Does anyone know why?

If I can't sell here, does anyone know where I can sell a whole system?


Other options out there include regional forums at reef2reef, reefcentral, Craigslist.


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Lisa Spencer are you RC member "mellowreefer" ? if so just attach your RC sale link.


Unless you have something high-end to sell, or plan to part out pieces, craigslist is probably your best bet.

Not being elitist. It is just that most BAR paid members have tanks already.
It all depends on the system, but usually people are looking for a couple of new corals, fish,
or some sort of upgrade in equipment.


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+1, members here more likely than not might want a piece of equipment here or there, but not likely a whole tank unless it's for super dirt cheap then someone *glare* will grab it in 5 minutes.

But if you have a RC account then try in the greater bay area forum if you want to look locally other than their forsale forum.
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