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Purple stylophora

@georgec made a journal update.


georgec said:
Added to my tank. Thanks @coral reefer. More updates once it’s settled in.
My favorite thing about the purple stylo is that it serves as an indicator for good SPS conditions. When things are going well, its white growth tips are obvious.
So, dumb question here about frag growth pattern:
  • My frag was mounted horizontally and 2 large branches. (the frag was originall glued down at 3 points, but the frag disk was too big to mount anywhere in my tank. So, I trimmed the disk down to one small piece which I glued to a rock.
  • Will new branches eventually grow out from along the branches of the original 2 (i.e. area "B")?
  • Or does it only grow from the tips (e.g. area "A") and any place it encrusts down to at the base area?

I've got a very small frag of this ready to go for anyone interested in growing out a purple stylo. This frag is for the long run game but if someone is interested its all yours!