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Happy to see the interest!
So right now in order, I have:
@IOnceWasLegend - did you get some from another source? If not, you're on the list.
@dochou (PM from a little while back)

And @tankguy to the top if he wants to have these in his tank rebuild.

I can make another two decent frags, which will take a little time to heal up - I'm being cautious with zoas these days, I want to make sure they weather the fragging-glueing process before passing them on. I have 2 frags ready to go now, please respond to the thread, and we can coordinate pickup.



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@tankguy, it’s ready for you, we can pm to work out the details.
@dochou, I’ve got one for you right now too, let me know.
@sfsuphysics & @Alexx, I’ll make frags for you in the next couple of days, but it may be another week or two before before they’re ready, I’ll let you know.