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Returning reefer, two questions about the area

Hi All, been out of it for 7 years I think but just bought a place in Albany with a great spot for a nano. Still researching the options there, but joined here for location specific info -
First, what LFS are worth checking out? Stopped by Lucky Ocean in SF, still going same guy I remember. Limited fish but delicious looking live rock. What else should I be aware of?
Second, what does everyone do for water, need to install RO/DI or is it feasible to water change with jugs from somewhere? It'll probably be a 20g or 25, so a 5g jug gives me a 20 - 25% change.I ran off tap previously with my low budget 55 but should probably be smarter this time around.


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Aquatic Collection, sir. They’ve stepped it up big time over the years.

RODI is worth it IMO so you’re not lugging 5 gallon jugs all over the place. Some smaller units attach easily to your washing machine sink provided you have one.
Do you work in SF? Otherwise I wouldn't waste the bridge toll (and SF driving hassle) going into SF for anything reef related... unless it's a tank tour :D Aquatic collection in Hayward is nice and only requires dealing with traffic.

As to water, I have RO/DI but then again I don't have a nano. I wouldn't try the water machines outside supermarkets though, too much hit or miss on how often the vendor changes filters in it. Could always go to a store, not sure what RO/DI water goes for but can't be too much to worry that much about. Or you can do the math on what an RO/DI system will run you and how many weeks worth of water from the store makes it worth it, of course this all depends on you having space to do all the water mixing, etc.
Good to know, I'll check out aquarium concepts later. And yes, I'll have a laundry room sink I'll need to look into that option.


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I'd go with RODI for a nano. There might be other options, but that's going to be by far the most convenient. BRS has some fairly inexpensive options and you can go with one of the cheaper options since you won't need to make a ton of water and the slower options with 75 GPD are adequate

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Aquatic Collection Has more fish then anywhere I’ve been. No complaints. CA reef in east bay and Neptune in San Jose.


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Welcome back and welcome to Albany! I’m local to the area - let me know if you ever need help with the set up.

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Tank & stand arrived, leak test this afternoon I'm thinking, then I can lug it over to the new place & start to cycle. Time to settle the water question... do we need to worry about chloramines with EBMUD water? From what I'm reading standard RO/DI won't work if so.
Had mine in a greenhouse for some number of years, yeah plastic got brittle AF everything from hoses to the filter housings... that said I'm not sure if the temperature swings had an effect and if I had to do it again... emphasis on HAD... I would make a box that goes over everything so that no amount of sunlight beats down on it even filtered through greenhouse panel that supposedly block UV.