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RO/DI recommendations


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I have been thinking of making my own water. I wanted to get some recommendations or info about experiences with whatever products you have used.
I do not have the space to set this up permanently so it will have to be a system I can rig up and take down as needed. Let me know your thoughts.
I have a Puratek unit that has built in booster bump, controller, with tds meter that will automatically flush the membrane and boost your water pressure for efficiency. Easy to move around instead of having all those components separate that need to be mounted somewhere.

The one i have is discontinued but similar "all in one" units can be found

Here’s my setup. 150 GPD (dual membrane) spectrapure unit, hooked up to a booster. The booster makes it a little less mobile, but if I need to move it, I can, as its no permanently affixed to anything. Connect to the shower in the spare bathroom when I need to make water. Seldom need to change filters since I make very little water


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Where are you going to set it up when in use?
How much water do you need how often?
Any idea your water pressure ?
I will be attaching it go the faucet outside in the backyard. Water pressure is 45psi.
I need to make about 75 gallons of water per week (about 20 gallons for the ATO and 50 for water changes).

I recommend eventually building up to this. Dual membrane first, dual carbon blocks in a nice to have with the high chloramines, then 2 resins is all you need. Get a booster pump for sure.