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Where do you all get your RO Membranes from? Do I need to pay about $60 for the 100 GPD membrane from BRS and wait for it to be shipped, or can I pop into a Home Depot and pick up something like this? Anyone used these or something similar?

Thanks. They sell them for quite a bit more than BRS, and for far more than the ones I see at Home Depot.

Any real difference between what I’ve linked and what you’d get off BRS (or from aquatic collection)? They all seem like the same thing, rebranded.

Curious if anyone’s used these “off brand” membranes
I haven’t tried it but I’ve seen Telegraham recommend these


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Can you drop a few names? Any specific that you’ve ordered off Amazon? Thanks
Dow is the primary supplier for the good aquarium membranes. I wouldn't mess around with trying to save money on cheap membranes when you risk burning through more expensive DI resin faster. I usually get 3 years out of these (I hope even longer with the flush kit I installed).