Special Thanks to all who helped at CFM Sept 2019


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I want to give a big thanks to our Volunteers.

Thanks to BOD of course for supporting the event! and trusting me to coordinate again.

Set Up Crew - you guys did great! smoothest setup I have seen so far! Sorry if I bossed you around too much.
  1. Baykes - William
  2. Steven Robbins
  3. Popper - Max
Booth Volunteers - I wasn't there for the beginning shifts - but you all seemed to be doing well. ( I know a few folks popped in, so if I miss your name please correct me)

  1. Will (BOD)
  2. John/JVU (BOD)
  3. Rygh (BOD - but got ill)
  4. Bruce (BOD - Raffle Items)
  5. Klems
  6. Oliver - who was a new member and already volunteering!
  7. Dswong - Last minute help!
  8. MolaMola - helped for over 2 shifts and clean up!
  9. please let me know if I missed anyone, as I want to tracked eveyone who helped.

Clean Crew - you guys rock and we were able to get done by 6pm with 4 of us.
  1. Molamola - again!
  2. SFSUPhysics - Volunteered at the event because we were short 2 people.
  3. OaklandEvan - Volunteered at the event because we were short 2 people.

Everyone - hopefully we can think of way to encourage more of this.


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Arnold, thanks again. And to Bruce for getting all the goodies. I would say that this was a successful event in terms of the funds raised.


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Thanks Arnold! And thank you for acknowledging those who helped you make this successful.

Rostato also covered a shift at the booth.