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Sump Baffles

Matthew Meyer

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Had the acrylic sump baffles come loose in the glass aquarium (sump) again. I have been using different super glues but nothing has been working. Would JB water weld work better to bond the acrylic to the glass?


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I put together a diy glass sump with 3 sections for about $40 with a free 40 breeder from Craigslist in the past. I recently gave it to a member on here.

Be sure to measure the inside panes accurately then subtract 3/32”-1/8” (1/16” gap on each side) for the silicone bead to fill and use your desired water level as the height for the glass.


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Be careful with acrylic baffles and glass tanks. If you get them too tight to the glass, it can crack the glass when the acrylic expands. That being said, I have had success in the past just putting a big bead of silicone on either side of the acrylic. Should be able to hold. As long as you don't have a drastic water level difference from one side of the baffle to the other, there shouldn't be that much force on the silicone.