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Tank Spotlight #2 coral4me (Matt & Asia)


Do you feed your corals? What type of testing/dosing do you use for trace elements?
CORAL FEEDING: I broadcast feed a couple times a week and target feed maybe once a month. I'm sure the corals, especially zoas would benefit from more often target feeds. Back when I had the 90 setup I was able to target feed the tank more often and the zoa garden grew in very dense. I don't have a favorite coral food, I probably have almost all of them and just switch them each time I feed or use whichever one is handy (Coral-Frenzy, Reef-Roids, there are two others that I don't remember their names). Honestly, I've had really good luck feeding frozen brine. I like to melt some frozen brine in a cup of tank water and then add one of the coral foods to that. I mix it up and target feed it using the Julian's-Thing. I try to feed the fish something first, so they steel less from the corals but there is usually plenty of brine floating around that they don't bother the corals.

TESTING: I use the Red Sea Reef Foundation Test Kit and sometimes the Salifert's Magnesium Test Kit.

DOSING: BRS Two-Part Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium and Red Sea N03:pO4-X


wow. nice and clean setup. That is a showcase sump! how high do you run your AP700 on that small of a footprint? the back story as well. Besides, being a fellow UCD Alumnus couple times over, can't go wrong with that!
Sorry it took a while, I had to be home to check the Kessil app for the intensity.
Looks like I have it ramping up to a peak of 46%.
Initially I had the peak lower but I’ve been raising it a little over time.

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Which is your oldest coral, and which are your favorites?
My three oldest corals from the biocube14 are a Cup Coral, a War Coral and a Fallen Angel.

I didn't answer sooner because I was kinda stumped with the favorite coral question. I like so many of them, that it's a tough decision. My wife points out that I always talk about how much I like the Emerald Mummy Eye Chalice. It's the only coral I posted a pic of in both of our tank journals. In general I'd say I'm a fan of chalices.