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Bruce Spiegelman

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With the regional swap fast approaching we need some support from our members for the auction that we run during the swap that raises funds to keep us going. This swap has become a bit problematic in garnering hard goods for raffles like we do for other events because of it's proximity to the CFM. So for this swap we are going to concentrate on the livestock auction. In the past, we have gotten some great frag packs (such as zoa packs, acro packs, etc), small colonies, large colonies, chalice packs, etc from our members. Usually i donate three of four packs for auction but because my tank isn't up and running yet I won't have anything this year. We are looking for packs or single items that will hopefully garner bids of $75.00-$300.00. We do a limited number of "lots" so we can can go pretty fast.

So far I know we have a bounce mushroom, some great wrasses, a pair of rare clownfish, and a few others things, but please consider how you can help and send me a message.
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I can put some sort of sps pack together. I will not be at the swap but off the top of my head I have
Aussie Gold Acro
CRC Crystal Flame
Tropic Thunder Monti
Pink Lemonade ( which has made an awesome comeback )
Jack O Lantern colony
Spicy Lemon Favia ( frag was chipped off a rock it had grown on ) Not part of the sps pack
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I’ll try to put together a pack of nice named zoas/palys, details to follow.