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wet cord repair


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tunze powerhead cord cover broke. what is a good waterproof fix? glob of silicone, sugu? afraid water might wick up the now straw of a cover and get into the controller.

I probably wouldn’t use it anymore honestly, not worth the risk to inhabitants and yourself getting a jolt every time you stick your hand in the tank. But if you can’t get it replaced under warranty and you must use it, a long heat shrink tubing that extends out of the water and a dab of silicon on the water side would hold you over (probably).
good point about killing tankmates. more just being frugal and tossing a perfectly good pump for something trivial seems wasteful.
If it were me, I'd put a crap ton of silicone on it and call it good after it dried. Put it in a bucket, turn it on, let it sit for awhile, and test it with a multimeter to verify no voltage leakage.

Though if the silicone looked bad I'd probably make it a nice water mixing pump.
I would give fixing it a try if warranty is expired. Give E6000 a try. It’s a good clear flexible adhesive so it will stick better than silicone.
electrician use 3M water proof scotch coat and electrical tape to water proof electrical splices. dont know if 3M product is toxic or not.