Where can I find banded trochus snails?


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I've found that trochus snails (and astrea snails) are the kings of eating that horrible green stuff in my tank. But I don't have enough. If I add astreas most are clumsy and will die (from falling and landing on sand) until only a few smart ones (like one out of 5) are left but banded trochus are the caddillac of snails. Where can I find some locally?

I did buy some "floconazonole' (Whatever) but I'd like to keep trying to get my alage under control with snails, water changes and my turf scrubber, if it ever produces any algae.

Ideallya small army of trochus.




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Agree banded trochus are the best. has them right now if you don’t mind buying online. Neptune or AC may well be a better deal, plus supporting local.


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I think John gave me that kind at one point, little prolific MFers too, so $5 a pop while kind of pricy (and I'm sure LFS make a lot of ROI with those as they buy by the hundreds probably) once they start reproducing you're bound to never need to replace them.
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