Wwc jelly bean favia (bob’s)

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This came from bob, @tankguy. Please have a tank journal and update this thread every 6 months. Pictures are a plus.
Complete your link in the chain by returning 2 frags of equal or greater size than you got back in before swapping, trading, or selling.

I have 2 frags available for pickup in sf. Not first come first served, I’ll see who expresses interest and pick two people.
I dunno, I want some Jelly Bellies now, Jelly Bean favia, Garvin talking about using Costco hotdogs to keep frags warm. Too much food related stuff when talking around corals.
Yes I’m aware of that. Pick whoever you want to give.

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Yes, exactly, once everyone has had a few days to see who is interested I will choose 2 people. Both of your earlier posts make it seem like you thought there was a line, or that all you had to do was pm me for pickup. Just trying to make sure we are all on the same page.