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I like the light hanging system. I see the possibility to slide them fore and aft right? Very nice with the stuff behind the wall!
I have a cable long enough but just have to put it up against the wall. I have a wireless print server that is also a WAP so that'll probably work also. I think I'l just use a cable so I don't have to mess around with the DHCP and assigning IP address stuff.....

90's is freaking HOT!!! Also to make sure to check your pH when doing hyposalinty it can get pretty low. Dose with ro/cooked baking soda mixture to bring pH up. Good Luck!


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I meant the sump and QT room is in the 90's. My DT with APEX controller stays at 77-78 all day =)

I will track the PH test when I do it. Thanks for the tip didn't think about that.

Also, a few weeks ago, my YBTA started to look like it was dying on the nem tower. Then a few days ago, it disappeared, thinking the CUC had its feast. Today, it shocked me to see it on the other side of the tank inside my cave?! Funny little thing. Guess it likes lower light and less flow. The cool thing is, that is exactly where my clown stays at. Hope they pair up!


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I finally got another Saddleback, after months of looking and waiting. I saw them listed on Robert's website on Friday's shipment... I was like... oh no, it's Monday, they might sell out! Ran over there, and, woo hoo, found a mate for my lonely clown, and add a cute little sailfin to the mix also. Thanks Robert!




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Just my first try messing with the white balance when reefbrites only on. I need to use a tripod next time haha

My first pick from the swap... sweet acans... thanks to whoever brought it! (a little blurry)


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... I just rearranged some frags, and trimmed all of the xenias on the middle rock and just left the ones on the back wall (for you John ;)

Update: Almost 2 years old now. Plumbed in a frag tank to take out excess frags from DT.

- DT started with 10k Ushios (blah) > 14k Phoenix (nice) > 14k Sfiligoi (cheap price, ok color) > now 20k Radiums (the best, almost same color as 14k)
- Raised temperature from range (76.5 - 77) to range (77.4 - 77.7)
- Changed MP40W's to Long Pulse Sync (alternate left to right flow, now more middle sand kick up, no more dead spots)
- Used to run Carbon/GFO, now only Carbon/Biopellets, will now add GFO again with Carbon/Biopellets soon

FYI. Photo not true representation of Radium color.



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At first, I kept it at 76.5 because that's what some shops keep it at (even at 76), and said everything is fine plus it saves on the electricity bill. But I guess at home, you really don't save that much more on electricity, so I think at least 77-78 is better. Most people keep it at 77-79, and I hardly have seen 76 on online forums. I kind of changed the temperature at the same time I changed the MP40 flow patterns, but I believe the SPS had even more polyp extension and look healthier.


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Well, since my last update was Feb 2012, thought I would catch up. Come February 2014, I had purple cloves over all my rocks, overflow, and started to spread to my glass. I heard that Fluke tabs would do the trick. I ended buying some imitation from ebay called Wormin, which main ingredient is Mebendazole. I dosed 1.5 tablets, about 150 mg for my 120g. I ended up nuking my whole tank, which killed all my fish and most of my coral. Only survivors were zoos, half of my pink frogspawn, and surprisingly my goniopora. I'm not sure if I overdosed, or after talking to David at the frag swap, that all the xenia and purple clove death caused a huge ammonia spike, which makes sense. After 3 days, it was too late, but I was doing 40 gallon water changes every day for a few days.

September 2013:

February 2014:

Restart June 2014, I removed a lot of my rock work, and kept the shallower parts. I'm sticking to mainly SPS sticks, and am going to grow upwards:

July 2014:
Bright Neon Pink BTA from Craigslist guy:



Very sorry to read about your "nuking" - how horrible but it looks like you're off to a good start again! Beautiful BTA! What type of coral was in the far left upper corner that looks like two prayer hands or two clam shells?! It was so beautiful....


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That was a Green Montipora Cap. I love the look of that and the Pink Cap, but not going to get another one. Blocked all the light for the corals underneath :( all my zoas shaded underneath withered away.


That was a Green Montipora Cap. I love the look of that and the Pink Cap, but not going to get another one. Blocked all the light for the corals underneath :( all my zoas shaded underneath withered away.
(Hi, sent you a PM. Just a few questions whenever you have a minute.... Thanks!)


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Quick update. My Bubble Blaster skimmer pump neck broke, I think from pressing against the sump divider while constantly twisting off my K2 skimmer head off. Replaced with a Skimz SM203. Since pump is underneath, having a little more space is nice. Also replaced my 2 MP40's with 2 Maxspect Gyre 250's.

FTS 12/14/16

Addeda big RBTA. Clowns immediately took to the upgrade. My poor old small ones are lonely now :( The big one is over 6 years old. My friend got it around 2010 from someone on BAR or from Robert, he doesn't remember. Then his brother took it a couple years ago when. Now he gave it back to me.

Had to redo some scaping to plan for this guy. Keeps moving and hasn't settled yet, but luckily staying on it's island.

FTS 12/19/16



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When I thought my huge RBTA was settled, it moved! Always scary to notice it somewhere else the next day... but I think it looks like a good final place that's safe and takes up less room in the back rather than up front as a showpiece. Even in the back, still looks like a showpiece lol Plus no corals were damaged. Phew! Also finally gave in for a clam from Neptune.



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Haven't got a chance to do a pic heavy post. Haven't had time to use the new Porthole yet. But wanted to note some updates before I forget.

- Bought an extra Apex EB8 for some new goodies

- Added Avast Swabbie to skimmer and Apex (5 min x 4 times a day)
- Added Avast Medium Skimmate locker and Apex (pressure switch turn off skimmer)
- Ran some tubing from skimmer air silencer intake away from sump to prevent salt creep, however, there was still a build up of salt creep inside after a month... found out because skimmer kept overflowing a few times, but didn't think it was that. Either salt creep come back up from pump intake? Or the air silencer is not fully sealed because there are no gaskets.

- Transitioning my frag tank back to a frag tank which has been a huge chaeto fuge, removed two CFL and put back my 4 bulb T5 (2 ATI Blue Plus and 2 Coral Plus)
- Was a canopy, but converted to adjustable hanging setup. Sawed canopy in half and built stand.

- Added 302 Aquatics medium Algae Turf Scrubber to replace chaeto fuge (Maybe should have spent more for Turbo Aquatics oh well and too lazy to diy). Slowly trimming chaeto until it grow out. Running daylight LEDs (included in 302 setup) 24/7 schedule as recommended by 302. Reason I don't want chaeto in sump as I did before, the light spread had Bubble algae grow in sump baffles and return chamber.

- Added BRS pH probe to Apex just curious after running for 7 years without

- Added a single Sunblaster 54w T5 ATI Purple Plus to Display since I have extra Apex ports

- I split my dual 250w halides to individual Apex port instead of combined to one outlet. On Off different times now

Light schedule before using two EB8 outlets:
Reefbrite blue on at 8:30 am
Dual 250w radiums SE on at 9:30 am
Dual 250w radiums SE off at 4:30 pm
Reefbrite blue off at 5:30 pm
(Full Intensity 7 hours, Actinic sunrise/sunset 1 hour each, 9 hour viewing light viewing schedule)

New light schedule using four EB8 outlets:
Reefbrite blue on at 7:30 am 6:30 pm
T5 Purple Plus on at 8:30 am 5:30
Left 250w radium SE on at 9:00 am
Right 250w radium SE on at 10:00 am
Left 250w radium SE off at 4:00 pm
Right 250w radium SE off at 5:00 pm
T5 Purple Plus off at 5:30 pm
Reefbrite blue off at 6:30 pm
(Full Intensity 6 hours, sunrise/sunset: Actinic 1 hour each, T5 sun up and down 30 min each, morning and late afternoon 1 hour each, 11 hour viewing light schedule)

Added quite a few frags and a clam from Neptune and CRC. Flame Wrasse pair from Aquatic Collection. Traded my large RBTA with Buon for some nice SPS. Some frag swap frags. And some frags from TimTFP.