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Yellow tank being bite


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So I just got four new Tangs yesterday a powder Blue a purple tang a tomini tang and the yellow tang I woke up the next morning and the yellow tang was missing part of his top fin will it grow back? Thank you for the information
I’m understand that Nori causes phosphates to raise really high. Is this true or am I being misled?
All foods will increase your phosphates. I think in terms of phosphate content it goes frozen foods < nori < pellets. Higher protein pellets the higher the phosphates. TDO pellets is known to have very high amounts of phosphates.

Algae helps a tang’s immune system so it’s highly recommended to feed everyday. Only feed what they can eat within 30min. Use an algae clip with netting so they don’t tear it and have extra bits float away to rot. I feed my tangs a whole sheet once a day. A fat thick tang is a happy tang!
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