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    Lobo(?) ID

    Have what I think is a rainbow lobo, but just wanted some input from others since I may be selling/trading it
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    New to BAR but not reefing

    Welcome to the club! If you're ever down in the south bay let me know; I've got a miyagi tort and probably some other sps I could give you to add to your collection.
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    Josh and Tiffany's RSR 250

    Update 12/12/21 After a few weeks of fighting microscope-verified cyano where I'd tried nutrient management, building out CUC, and manual removal, I finally bit the bullet and used Chemiclean. Chemical approaches are typically my last resort, but I just have to I followed the...
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    Any idea what these are? (ID Request)

    Have had a bunch of these small, round, egg-like things pop up all over the tank in the past week or so. After doing some google searching I *think* they're nerite snail eggs (which would fit, given I have a bunch of nerites), but just asking for a sanity check.
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    Free starfire glass panels need built

    How thick are the panes? A buddy of mine in another state may be interested, but I'd need to figure out shipping for him.
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    "DIY" Apex Dashboard for iPad

    There is not. I had this same issue after 3D printing a portrait-mode wall mount for my iPad and confirmed there wasn't a way to rotate it.
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    Aquatic Collection recon

    Whoa! What is that?
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    Apex Classic with EB8 and temp probe

    Congratulations to @Tim Obert ! Pm me and we'll coordinate a pickup date.
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    Apex Classic with EB8 and temp probe

    Thank you! Also, clarifying for when I spin: are you entering or just commenting?
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    Lucky Week + Overflow Cover Question

    Apologies if this is obvious/I misread it, but would something like this work?
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    Apex Classic with EB8 and temp probe

    Likewise to you. :)
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    Apex Classic with EB8 and temp probe

    I recently upgraded this to an Apex EL so I can use the DOS and Trident systems, and I wanted to pay this forward. This includes: Apex Classic unit (note that you will need either a wireless module or ethernet connection for this) Aquabus cable EB8 power bar (orange label) Temperature probe...
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    Neptune DOS tubing same as GHL?

    Don't want to buy new tubing unless I have to, so can you use the same tubing diameter from GHL dosers for dos?
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    55g tank - $0 with a request

    Got this in a bulk buy and don't have any use for it. Think the glass is Starfire but not sure. Asking zero dollars for it. You just have to 1) pick it up (I'm in SJ and will help you load it), and 2) do something nice for a new member of the club at some point.
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    BRS $10 Codes