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    DBTC: Teal Caulastrea furcata

    Plain Jane Candy Cane. 5 frags, 4-8 polyps per frag. Mounted on discs. First pic is of Mother colony, additional pics are of available pieces.
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    Bounce Shroom?

    That’s amazing!
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    BAR at CFM Jan 22 2022

    Thanks, I paid for two
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    Discounted tickets for sale for CFM 1/22/2022

    Submitted funds for 2 tickets, thanks
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    BAR at CFM Jan 22 2022

    My apologies for not participating in manning the table, but I would info on discount tickets please.
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    Cowries in cuc?

    So Awesome! I imagine collecting isn’t a possibility nowadays?
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    Bounce Shroom?

    SoCal LFS is selling this as a bounce shroom, is that correct? Rather interesting creature, but not like the uber bloated vesicles I’ve seen.
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    Newbie reefer from Fremont

    Welcome fellow Fremontian? Fremonite? Not sure what residents here’s are called actually.
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    MOVED TO ZOOM- Jan 8 New Year’s Celebration with ReefBeef

    Started listening to ReefBeef due to this thread. Looking forward to the event.
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    Add on DI canisters?

    Thanks for the info, just the type of stuff I was seeking
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    Add on DI canisters?

    Thanks for the offer, greatly appreciated, but I think I need to get the whole kit and kaboodle.
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    Add on DI canisters?

    So there is a specific type of cartridge with an interior tube, thanks. Would’ve never thought of that.
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    Add on DI canisters?

    I have an RO, and I’m thinking to add a DI stage to it. Any recommendations for a set up? Is the DI just another canister, and 1/4” tubing connector after the RO?