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2019 BAR Events


hmmm we lost the steinhart tour?
There are changes at the Academy, I think big changes.
Quietly, people have been “let go”
I hope whoever is in charge, does not turn it into a “corporate” type of place.


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Regarding Reef Nutrition Seminar, Fish Food Making and BBQ

I don't think my house will work out for presentations.
Primarily just bad TV placement for large group watching.

So if we want to combine that, we should find a different spot. Sorry.

Coral reefer

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He once told us he’d have to kick the rotifer guys ass if he caught him in the pod area. One rotifer in there would require a full breakdown and restart
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I remember way back-when when Gresham was still working there and active in the club someone asked about the possibility of a tour at Reef Nutrition and that got shot down in a hurry, in fact the actual location of the facilities was supposedly hush hush.