2021 BAR Apparel


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I just received my XL hoodie and I guess they run super small. Just an FYI if you are considering ordering one. I’m just going to give it to my GF and order another larger one.


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I never wear branded shirts/hoodies etc like this because they are never available in Tall sizes. No one appreciates a crack attack even if your shirt has a Kraken design on it :) I'd grab a couple if 1 XL Tall was available.
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I prefer tall sizes too but don’t know how to get them with BAR branding
There are some suppliers out there that will custom do logo's along with tall sizes but I don't know a thing about Tshirt making or how much that option increases costs :)


Do these all support ocean conservation or just the single side print ones?
Different styles are labeled as benefiting either Ocean Conservancy or BAR. If you are looking for a logical pattern as to why, it’s just because Pablo set it up that way.