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3/20/22 Frag swap volunteer thread

These frag swaps do not run only on the back of the BOD, members who are generous with their time who often do most of the leg work at the event are really the ones who should be thanked for making them work. Frag swaps are no different we absolutely need people to help out, especially when we're on a time crunch, whether it's moving a tables, helping with registration, or telling people where to go. So this here is a signup list for those who can help, I do ask though to only volunteer if you absolutely know you can be at the event at a particular time. I'll pass out my phone number to volunteers too in case something comes up, traffic is a thing, real life happens, etc.

Job descriptions at end.
Note: This is not the end all be all of people who can help, simply those who have committed so far, more hands makes less work and all that
Setup - 10:30 until set up @DreadPirateRoberts @gmdcdvm @Reefinglens
Registration - 11:30-12:30 @2manyhobbies @MolaMola @IOnceWasLegend (wife)
Coral Runners - 11:30-12:30, @Devon @kvnb86
Frag Patrol - 12:30 until end of swap proper @fingerwrinkles
Cleanup - End of swap until done, @2manyhobbies @Apon @zen_mattster

Setup - Get tables set up for frags including any sort of signs, move anything that the property owner needs moved, set up table for registration.
Registration - Check names that are registered, make sure people have at least 3 unique corals to qualify, do not need to know anything about corals just make sure three different names.
Coral Runners - Take corals from checked in (registered) participants put them on appropriate tables
Frag Patrol - Someone "guard" the entrance to the picking area to make sure only the appropriate letter of the person is there, someone to enforce their authoritay! in the picking area
Cleanup - Take tables down, move whatever was moved back into place, make sure no trash was left anywhere, leave the home as it was before the swap
I’ll help with clean up
More volunteers are always welcomed, if there's 10 guys setting up instead of 2 it just means you go twice as fast (no, not 5 times faster that's bureaucracy for you!). Whomever is there first can tell ya what to do, I think @JVU will be one of the first ones there since he's relatively close.
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