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Featured 7/20 Kessil Facility Tour!

Will you attend?

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Facilities, Events, LFS Partnership
Brendan at Kessil graciously offered to host our club in a behind the scenes tour on Saturday 7/20. With their continued donations and support, BAR really appreciates what Kessil has done for us, and this is your chance to see how the lights are made! The place is large so 100+ guests are welcome. Supporting members and their direct family only. Time/location TBD and will be updated.
I have put myself down for yes, but it's actually a maybe for now. Need to confirm some work scheduling is all. But if I can get coverage, count me in.
Sucks I have to miss this. Hopefully they do it again.
There's been a few in the past, I'm sure there will be more in the future.