Arin's Frag Tank Journal


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Hi folks,

I joined up way after my 2 displays were setup and my minor, recent changes didn't leave me much journal fodder but... I'm rebooting my frag tank and figured I'd document the process.


Why the reboot:

There's a few reasons for the reboot. Let's go through them:
  1. The tank had some live rock I'd stashed in my DT's sump for over a year. I used that to help seed the cycle here etc. However - over time I started finding some vermetid snails on the rocks. Luckily I only found one or two on the frag plugs so those were easy enough to dispatch. However, I figure If I saw 10 of them on the rocks there was a bunch more out of site
  2. The tank initially served as an invert & coral QT. Because of the invert QT I had sand so the conches and nesaurius snails could be QT'd in there. They all graduated and have since moved to the DT and I'm not sure I want sand in my frag tank. It was a must for those inverts but now that my displays have enough I don't have an actual need for sand
  3. All my frags also finished their QT period so if I was ever gonna take the tank apart and clean it now would be the time

I'll probably keep 99% of the gear as is with one exception I'll discuss below...
  • Innovative Marine Lagoon 25 tank
  • IM Skimmer
  • Aqua UV HOB UV filter ran my an MJ1200 (I forget the wattage of the UV)
  • InTank filter cadges on both sides
  • Small reactor for carbon
  • Bashsea frag rank
  • a single Red Sea ReefLED 90 light
  • Apex EL (ph probe etc)
  • Neptune Dos
  • Neptune Trident
  • Smart ATO Micro with a basic 5g jug as the water reservoir
  • Mp10 power head
  • MightyJet DC Return pump with random flow generators on the output
The one bit of gear I might swap out of the MP10. Its fine - it works & is easy to program with the WXM but I'm thinking a Gyre type pump would work better. It has a wider footprint which has its pluses and minuses... but the gyre flow would, in a sandless scenario, do a good job at helping keep detritus off the bottom. We'll see.

Current status:

I removed the last few CUC members a few days ago and added them to my desktop tank (you can see it in the reflection in the picture above) and I just added about 150ml of Clorox to the tank to begin sterilizing it. I'm keeping the pumps running to let the bleach do its thing on the internals.

My goal for this week is to get the bleach water out on Wednesday and refill it with tap water to begin the dechlorination. Hopefully, kids and wife permitting, I'll be able to get all the gear out and drag it to the yard for a hose down and scrubbing next Sunday; after that its just waiting for it to completely dry out and be inhabitant safe again.


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Hope to see it flourish!
If you want to get rid of the mp10 I might be interested in it.
cool. I’ll keep you in mind.It works fine. I’m just trying to see if I really think a different pump would suit my needs better of if I’m just being a gear junky and looking for an excuse to buy stuff


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Quick and boring update. I ran the bleach through the tank for 48 hours, filled it back up with tap water - ran that for 24 hours and now I’m getting it all drained.


I’ll fill it back up again and run it through with tap water for another 24 hours to make sure the bleach is removed from pumps’ internals.


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Got it filled back up with tap water and dumped in a bunch of citric acid to get a head start on cleaning up the gunk buildup. So far, so good. The gross coating on the MP10 and other plastic bit is essentially melting away which indicates that the scrubbing I have to do tomorrow is gonna be a lot easier.
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Alrighty. We’re back in business, well almost. Tank’s back indoors, leak tested, all cleaned up and filled with RO. I got the basic equipment back on, reorganized some of the apex outlets/programming and it’s time to dump in the salt.

another minor change is the addition of a gyre. I was driving by AC and, of course, I had to stop in “just to look”

the final decision I’m wrestling with is whether I want to setup an AWC or not. Changing out 10-20% is just a single bucket so it’s not hard to do it manually but a daily 1-2% is effortless and will keep things more stable. We’ll see.



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Well, oops. I placed an order with an online coral vendor intending to set the delivery date for next week. I guess I messed up and they arrived today


Luckily I was having trouble sleeping on Sunday night and got everything ready. I grabbed a bunch of marine pure spheres from my DT's sump, added some fritz turbo start for good measure, dosed nitrate to 5 and PO4 to 0.03, put some new reagent in the Trident and here we are.

No CUC yet as I have nothing for them to clean but that's easy enough.

The main thing I'm struggling with is whether to add fish or not. I might acclimate some fresh water mollies as they cant bring any fish parasites and can serve as a good canary in regards to any fish bad guys coming in on the plugs.

We'll see...