BAR Event - How to Get the Most out of your Apex - Apr 20

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I’m really excited about this event. I want to learn how others are using their Apex data, what experiments are they doing on their systems... I initially thought I’d only use an Apex to baby-sit my tank while out of town, but I was already able to right-size heaters on my garage tanks and reduce heat loss by looking at the temp plots, and the other data is really interesting.

Some questions:
-what do people do with their pH data (fine-tune additives, regulate refugium light/feeding time, detect “events”?)
-is there any reason to use the “ORP” probe?
-for those that have multiple tanks, how do you configure your modules (which extension modules do you use and why)? How did/how often do you calibrate all those probes?
-wiring - what do you do about GFIs and current loads with respect to the controller and outlets?


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Are these questions you want to ask at the event or looking for answers here? Happy to answer them but I suggest starting a new thread.


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A WD from fellow hobbyist. I’m trying to figure out how to post “live” photos so the movement & speckle come through...
I'm curious, do you happen to know the lineage of this WD piece? I know there's a JKR and Cornbred version. I have the Cornbred version and I have a similar polyp extension. Anyone with the JKR one see anything similar?



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At the time I got that WD (from Tim) 1.5 yrs ago I didn’t know or care about coral lineage yet so I didn’t ask and he didn’t tell me which variant.