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BAR Event - How to Get the Most out of your Apex - Apr 20

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Through an unexpected twist involving airline delays beyond connection times my wife has found herself stranded in the bay area. As much as I want to go to this I only get to see her once or twice a month at the moment, so I'll be spending the day with her instead (she's not a fish person). Have fun and let us know about all the cool things you learn. I'll look forward to the next event. For planning purposes (ok, it's a little late at this point) I changed by vote from a maybe to a no in the poll.


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Thanks a lot to the organizers and presenters. I learned a lot about my Apex's features that are relevant to me from @Vhuang168 and @jonmos75. I like your style much better than the comprehensive manual, haha. I have to say that the current model sounds even better.


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Agree, thanks for putting this together! I learned quite a bit and now I’m able to fix a few things that have been bugging me.

BAR is very fortunate to have Neptune folks help us out so much in addition to everything they already do for the greater reefing community