Bonus Round Coral List - BAR Regional Frag Swap 2015

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EnderTurtle Post-Frag Swap Reminder Notes:
Remove LC Incinerator = Not much demand
Remove Sunny D's = Too many
Remove Meriths Wild Mycedium
Increase Pink Zippers to 5 Polyps
Increase difficulty for zoas.
Remove Red Hornets
Remove Oxides
Remove Sunny D's
Add Vamps in Drag 2 Polyps
Change Paradise Zoas to 2 Polyps
Increas Sakura Sunrise to 4 Polyps
St. Thomas Mushrooms



What happens if I accidentally or intentionally mislabel corals to get bonus tickets?
  1. If the coral checkers find out, they will not count them as bonus corals.
  2. Your reputation within this club, your club, and/or the reefing community is at stake.
    • If you're not sure what they are, don't identify them as that coral.

This will be the list of pre-approved bonus round corals for the Regional Frag Swap's bonus rounds.

The Bonus Rounds are optional to everyone. You continue the regular swap after youre done with your bonus rounds. They're designed to ensure people who bring "premium" corals receive at least one "premium" coral in return, but it benefits everyone else in the regular swap too.

Go to this link if you want to see how Bonus Rounds/Frag Swaps work.

If you bring any 3 of the following bonus corals, you get 1 bonus round ticket.
If you bring 1 of the ultra coral you get 1 bonus round ticket.

You can bring as many bonus/ultra corals and earn as many bonus round tickets as you want but the maximum for bonus/ultra coral repeats is limited to one.

Example: 1- inch ORA Red Planet + 1-inch ORA Red Planet + 1 head Rainbow Acan = Acceptable
Example: 1 polyp Utter Chaos + 1 polyp Utter Chaos + 1 polyp Utter Chaos = Unacceptable

Remember these are just minimum size/polyp counts. If you want to bring a 3-inch frag of Red Dragon and use that as one frag. That's fine too.

If you have a coral you think might be a bonus/ultra coral, please post it here and we will see if it qualifies to be added to the list. This is highly encouraged so please ask. The last day to add corals to this list will be August 30th.


5 polyps – King Midas
5 polyps – Red Hornet
5 polyps - Chong Bongs
4 polyps - Daisy Dukes
4 polyps – Everlasting Gobstoppers
4 polyps – Flaming Zebras
4 polyps – Pink Zippers
4 polyps – Rasta
4 polyps – Oxides
4 polyps – Purple Hornets
4 polyps – Scrambled Eggs
4 polyps – Spiderman
4 polyps – Sunny D’s
4 polyps - Vivid Rainbow Zoas
4 polyps – Yellow Brick Road
3 polyps – Blue Hornets
3 polyps - Candy Apple Blues
3 polyps – Chiquitas
3 polyps – Emeralds on Fire
3 polyps – Fruit Loops
3 polyps – Goblins Fire
3 polyps - Gold Mauls
3 polyps - LC Incinerators
3 polyps – Maryjanes
3 polyps - My Clementines
3 polyps – Pink Galaxies / Rose Nebula
3 polyps – Pink Hallucinations
3 polyps – Prometheans
3 polyps – Sakura Sunrise
3 polyps - Ultra Dream PE/Interstellar PE/ Electric Lady PE/ Star Trek PE
3 polyps – Yellow Highlighter Zoas
3 polyps – YR Peachy Blues
2 polyps – Blondies (BBEB)
2 polyps – Butt Munchers
2 polyps – Candy Apple Reds
2 polyps – KO Nightmares
2 polyps - LC Vicious Vixens
2 polyps - LC Petroglyphs
2 polyps – Pink Hippos
2 polyps – Supermans
2 polyps – Time Machines
2 polyps – Tyree Orange Rainbows
2 polyps – Tyree Space Monsters
2 polyps – WOWs
2 polyps – Yodas
1 polyp - JF Acid Reflux
1 polyp – ASD Sonic Booms
1 polyp – Darth Maul
1 polyp – Dragon Ball Z
1 polyp – KH Sunburst
1 polyp - LC Bioshocks
1 polyp – Oompa Loompas
1 polyp - Paradise
1 polyp – Rainbow Kazoo/Latin Lovers
1 polyp – Rainbow Rhinos
1 polyp - True Red Devil PE
1 polyp – Seduction People Eater
1 polyp – Utter Chaos
1 polyp – WWC Pink Krakatoa
1 polyp – White Velvets

Soft Corals
2 Colors or More – Ricordea Yuma
Pink Ricordea Florida
2 Colors or More – Rock flower Anemone
Dime Size - LC Wish I was a Bounce Mushroom

LPS Corals
1 inch - Cherry Blossom Cyphastrea
1 head – Bi-color Frogspawn
1 head – Bi-color Torch
1 head – Indo Gold Torch
1 head – Branching Gold Hammer
1 head - Dendro
1 head – Any Acan Echinata
1 head – Orange Crush Acan
1 head – Rainbow Acan

1 eye - JF My Miami Chalice
1 eye – Pink Boobies Chalice
3 eyes – Mummy Eye Chalice
1 eye – Avatar Chalice

SPS Corals
1 inch - $500 Efflo
1 inch – 20K Lokani
1 inch – 30K Lokani
1 inch – ATL Shades of Fall
1 inch – Aqua Delight
1 inch – Cali Tort
1 inch – Joe’s Rainbow
1 inch – Miyagi Tort
1 inch – Mr Ugly’s Red Prostrata
1 inch – ORA Blue Voodoo
1 inch – ORA Borealis
1 inch – ORA German Blue
1 inch – ORA Hawkins
1 inch – ORA Joe the Coral
1 inch – ORA Pearlberry
1 inch – ORA Purple Plasma
1 inch – ORA Red Planet
1 inch – ORA Roscoe’s Blue
1 inch – Pink Lemonade
1 inch – Red Dragon
1 inch – Strawberry Shortcake
1 inch – Palmer’s Blue Millepora
1 inch – Apple Berry Montipora
2 inch – Mystic Sunset Monti
2 inch – Season’s Greeting Monti
2 inch - Starburst Monti
2 inch – Sunset Monti
2 inch – Pokerstar Monti
1 inch – Rainbow Monti

Ultra Corals


1 polyp – Adonis
1 polyp – Black Hornets
1 polyp – Bowser/Hyper Candy/CandyAppleOrange
1 polyp – Flaming Mohican
1 polyp – Hallucination
1 polyp – JF Bloodshot
1 polyp – LC Hyper Phoenix
1 polyp - LC Rasta Maul
1 polyp - Rainbow Maul
1 polyp – Ultimate Chaos

Soft Corals
Colorado Sunburst Anemone
Dolphin Pet Village Bubbled Tipped Anemone
Rainbow Bubble Tipped Anemone

Dime Size - Gonzo Golden Dragon Mushroom
Nickel Size - Sexy Corals Superfreak Mushroom
Highlighter Pink Ricordea Yuma
Dime Size - Jawbreaker/Tye Dye Mushroom

LPS Corals
1 head – Australian Gold Torch
1 inch – Space Invader Pectinia
1 head – Tyree Elegance
1 inch – Jack O Lantern Leptoseris
1 inch - AOA Molten Lava Leptoseris

2 eye - Space Invador Chalice
2 eye – Bazooka Joe Chalice
2 eye – Pink Boobie Chalice
2 eye - Merith's Wild Mycedium

SPS Corals
1 inch – Cali Reef Co. Purple Cadillac
1 Inch – Cali Reef Co. Crystal Flame
1 inch – Diabolic Pacman
1 inch – Ice Fire Echinata
1 inch – Oregon Tort
1 inch – PC Rainbow
1 inch – Purple Monster
1 inch - Reef Raft The Vinh
1 inch – Tierra Del Fuego
1 inch - Wet Thumbs Mother of Pearl
1 inch – Copps 24K Millepora
1 inch – Sunset Millepora
1 inch - WWC Somewhere Over The Rainbow Millepora

If you have a coral you think might be a bonus/ultra coral, please post it here and we will see if it qualifies to be added to the list. This is highly encouraged so please ask.
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Ha! I am NOT volunteering the coral check on these. I'm guessing the honor system is going to be used? Maybe double check to make sure the person's name is on the frag container at a minimum just so if someone brings home some zoa with fancy name X and they don't see that coral when the polyps open penalty for next frag swap? :D

I will be registering all bonus round corals at the swap and ill have the bonus list with me, no worries about that.

Sorry vincent tubbs blue doesnt qualify.
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Don't know why but for some reason the site decided to flip all the pics upside down. All from iphone5 sooc taken under kessil @ 50% color 70% intensity.
It's okay Merith, I flipped my monitor upside down to see your pictures :p

LC Wish I was a Bounce
= Bonus Coral at Dime Size

Reef Gen Burger Purple Portal Zoa = does not Qualify.

AOA Molten Lava Lepto = Ultra Coral at 1 Inch

Space Invader Mycedium = Ultra Coral at 2 eyes

Merith's Wild Mycedium = Bonus Coral at 2 eye

I updated the list.
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Let's get this rolling y'all. I know a bunch of you have got some gems in hiding that should prolly get added to this list.

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Ok. Thanks.

Have enough for 1 bonus round with pink zippers, sunny Ds and utter chaos but not going to be able to go :(

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Vincent! The solution is simple!

Bring your mom to the frag swap! I'm sure she would love to stand around for hours while you pick out corals :D

Jokes aside, I'm very excited about this frag swap. We're going to see a lot of reef nerds with corals from different regions of California. We have corals that they don't have and they have corals that we don't have. The joy of frag swapping :)

Confirmed attendance from our friends in NVR (stockton area), WCR (North Bay), Sacramento. And I'm not even done with advertising! This is going to be one of the biggest frag swaps we've seen in a while.


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Lol, yeah. THAT would be a blast! I'm gonna see if I can get away for a few hours that day. How long do they normally last?

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Depends on what youre interested in. Shopping, Frag Swapping, Raffles.

Frag swapping will probably go until like 3PMish depending on how many frags we got. If everyone's bringing 9 frags oh god that will be a lot of picking rounds to go through. Then we got the long list of raffle prizes to give out.

Come at 10:30 AM If you wanna shop early and be there for the whole experience.
  • The Vendors will be there all day but the early bird gets the worm :)
Come at 11:30 AM if you just wanna register/swap frags
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