got ethical husbandry?

Bowl of Pho-RSR350

Alk: 8.3 (goal 8.0-8.5)
CA: 430 (goal 420-450)
Magnesium: 1400 (goal 1350-1450)
Phosphates: .24 ( trying to lower to .10, goal .08-.15) torches are pretty forgiving if phosphates high.
Nitrates: 12.5 (goals 10-15)
Salinity: 1.026

Happy Goni due to maganese dosing. Once a week 3-4 ml

Wavemaker 2 mp10 with mobius mounted on back wall. It’s max at 45% at lagoon template (yellow) with some 15mins nutrient export( 50%)(purple) in between. @richiev