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Ive had these things ten years. They’ve never seemed to cause a problem, I’m just trying to do everyone else I give corals to a favor honestly. I’ll give this a try once more with a higher dose and see how it goes.
Might need to try your other juice if it doesn’t work.


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I once had a crazy infestation of red planaria and it covered everything orange. I tried to siphon them out but it was way too much. they multiplied too fast.
I used FWE at 1.5x the recommended dose and it worked well. I let it work for a couple hours and then did a massive water change and ran carbon.
It ended up killing some coral and a fish bc too much toxins were released from the planaria dying
I didn't need second dose. first dose eradicated them.


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Haha this is what finally prompted me to put the plywood doors on my stand
I planned for that with my tank too, trying to baby proof everything, put magnetic latches on, etc .. but then I was like WTF my tank is downstairs, there's a baby gate up stairs, I don't need to do that.

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My battle corals
Rainbow acans from Omar
Black hole sun acans from Jesus corals at a CFM
Chalice from neptune. Kinda like goldmeister but not. Anyone think they know what it is?
Chalice from bob
Favia from bob
Favia from zoanthids dot com from CFM. Looks a lot like ultron, but is different.