DBTC: Calfo Pulsing Sinularia


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Since there is no longer a tracker, I will update this post with people who have received a frag and from who.
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Original thread:

I am creating this thread to add a tracker.

I received this many years ago from lyn (sherry). I put it in my nano that is plumbed to my main tank. It pulses like xenia in very low flow or no flow at all.

Please pass at least 2 frags before selling. If mine dies, please provide me a frag.
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Is this coral pink like this:

Does it grow super fast? What kind of light does it need? I'd be interested if I'm eligible for it (I've never taken a dbtc coral before so I don't know if I am)

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I think @Mr. Ugly waslooking for this?
Yep, that‘s the one.

It’s like one of the BAR O.G. corals.

Anthony Calfo brought it over in a drink cup on an airplane in the pre-pre-pre-TSA days for Jim(Bookfish).

I’ll keep an eye out for a frag when it makes its way over to the East Bay.