DBTC: Tyree Elegance Coral

My DBTC Rules
  1. I use "DBTC" as a backup in case my coral dies.
    1. This means you give me a frag(when extras are available) if mine dies.
    2. My goal is to have a backup, NOT to pass around free coral to everyone.
    3. When you have frags available, add them to this DBTC so we can get more people to have this coral so we can all have backups.
  2. Must have established tank.
  3. Cannot SELL this coral until you've given away 1 frag of this to someone in this DBTC .
    • This is an honor based system. I (and this club) will remember to not give you any future frags if you break this condition.
  4. Keep me updated if this thing dies or if you get rid of it.

The Coral

  • Tyree Elegance Coral
  • IMG_0528.jpg
  • Picture #2
  • Lineage: From BAR member who purchased from Lucky Goldfish in Oakland.
  • This is a bay area classic piece; it is easily fragged and has proven to do well in the aquarium environment unlike a lot of fresh wild elegance corals.
  • Care: I've had the best luck with it on the sandbed, not getting blasted by too much light or flow.

If you're interested in joining this DBTC post here and I'll choose the person.

Remember a DBTC's purpose is to propagate and pass on frags....this way we can all have back ups if our frag dies.

Pick up in San Mateo or meet me in Fremont.

Those of you who have this coral tracing back to Lucky GoldFish. Feel free to attach yourselves to this DBTC if you want.
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beautiful coral. someone better jump on this. Mike, I wish I could.. but I'll have to pass. Don't want to be responsible for such a rare piece.


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I will have another frag for this soon. Mine has 4 mouths now (up from 2 when I got it). So my frag will have 2 mouths.

I feed mine a lot! The trick is to entice it to close up then put some food in it.

Mine sits about 1" off the floor on some rock work, in some medium flow, moderate lighting.

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Yeah you want a good amount of skeleton. Even if your elegance coral is BIG it might have a skeleton that is too small to frag.

Always surprises me how much flesh can come out of a small coral skeleton.

It would need time to build a bigger skeleton if it is too small.
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@Geneva just checking to see if your coral is still doing good?

My current frag is doing good and wont be ready to frag for a while.
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