Donations for Sat

Hi from A lot of you already know me but you might not know that I started a site I am planning on donating lots of good corals on a regular basis. I just wanted to let you know what I have planned for this meeting. Here is the list

2 Frags of the Tyree LE Branching Alien Eye
Tyree LE Idaho Grape
Aquacultured Green Zoos
XXL (basically a colony) Chips Acro.
For you LPS guys an Orange Crush Acan
XL Blue and Green Acro Tenuis
And a surprise Monti. Trust me. Everyone will want this one.

I am trying to get more rare stuff out there.
One more thing I am doing is offering a one week guarantee on these corals. If for some reason they don't make it in your tank just email or PM me and I will get you a replacement. The only thing I ask is that you only take the corals if you know you can care for them. Basically don't put Acros in nano cubes.
Thank you.
Thanks man, glad you are supporting the club and I hope your aquaculture business works out. It makes you feel good when you know something has been aquacultured and not taken directly from the ocean.
I'm glad to hear you guys are interested in the LE type of corals. I'll try to donate on a regular basis. I know that BAR lets sponsors donate whenver they feel like it but I want to keep people going to the meetings. Hopefully lots of good donations will draw more people to the club. Plus cheap publicity for me. :D
Matt, pm'd you here the other day.

Thanks again for all the awesome raffle donations. They made for a killer raffle. That Rainbow Monti was the Grand Prize today. Since I didn't win it, I'm going to be looking for some at the BA-CFM! :)