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Frag Swap Bonus & Ultra Coral List


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So we have a frag swap coming, and for those who have never heard of or seen how this works occasionally there are some corals that are a bit more desirable than others for whatever reason. In order to try and get more of these corals circulating in frag swaps a little extra incentive is given which are "bonus tickets" which give a little more incentive to bring them and allow you a preferred picking group as a "thank you" for being generous with your beloved precious.

These corals fall into two categories "Bonus" and "Ultra" , the rules for how bonus tickets are used are in the frag swap announcement however if there still are questions...

Bonus corals will get you 1 ticket for every 3 bonus corals you bring
Ultra corals will get you 1 ticket for every 1 ultra coral you bring

The list that we're going to use is from the last major swap which was about 2 years ago, but it is what it is, if you think your coral commands bonus or ultra status feel free to post here and our "crack team" with judge your coral and let you know if it should be considered the elevated status. Unfortunately right now this is just me, who is the last person you want judging corals, but I hope other volunteers step forward so I don't have to be the bad guy :) honestly I will drag my feet on judging corals until someone with a better eye (who isn't as much of a grump as me) steps forward to do it.

If you do want to consideration please give as much information as possible about your coral and not just a name, a picture is great more so if you can take the picture so we can see what yours actually looks like and not the over "shopped" photo tricked images that are often on a vendors website. Things like where you bought it are also good too, i.e. Battle Corals versus some random dude on Craigslist who totally told me this is the OG Walt Disney Acro...

Three main categories of "preapproved" bonus coral status
Zoanthids and Palys
Small Polyp Stony corals (SPS)
Large Polyp Stony corals (LPS) & Other soft corals
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Would like to check if these qualify for "bonus" status

RR Pink Cadillac
pinkcaddy 210528.jpg

ATL Purple Rain. Lineage from Atlantis Aquarium in Fremont way back and don't see much these days.
purplerain 210528.jpg
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Cali tort is on the bonus list, so Pink Caddy should as well, at the minimum. Always in demand, grows well, with good colors.

ATL Purple Rain is an old school piece that wasn't really high in demand back then or now. I'd consider it along the lines of a green slimer. Nice to have as a qualifier for the swap, but not bonus imo.