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Gem tang


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violet in the south bay & 6th ave in SF also had some from the same batch. If you’re thinking about getting one, price matching them from store to store might be a good ideal.


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I was actually in 6th ave this past Saturday.
I did see a 2in specimen (it was obviously unhappy)
I did not bother to ask a price

overall SW livestock is on poor health at this location
DO NOT recommend
There are some other reasons you may want to avoid this place. But for that, we chat in person! ;)


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I still like the black tangs (rostratum) better than the gems (gemmatum). Hopefully their prices will drop some time too.


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So i just ate my own words this morning... went to pick up a Chevron tang, and wound up picking up a tang on impulse...

The gem thanked me but cutting me with its tail while transporting it into the tank from a bucket. Ingrate!



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Sadly, my squaretail tang is not doing well...

was fine before I left for the weekend but returned this morning with it being all fuzzy. :/ Suspected something might be going down last week so started treatment... but forgot to remove carbon. So all for nought. grrr.


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oh? I would think the juvie would be more expensive because it's the one that actually looks all badass with the orange before turning into a very dark tang.
No kidding... guess in this case, "size does matter" still applies... Juvie ran me $120. adult Chevrons run about $250+