Cali Kid Corals

I'm back!

I actually don't want any anemones. They are a pain in my ass since I leave for weeks at a time for work.

The only reason I had them was because my daughter won't stop grabbing them at frag swaps lol. She has a biocube, they always end up taking over the tank.
Any unhappy corals survive?
Miami Hurricane chalice survived and I thought it was a gonner. All of the hammers and frogspawn bleached a little and are still retracted but their tissue looks healthy again. One of them was torn and I cut the flow in half for a couple days to let everything relax.
The stylo will recover.

The tank is slowly recovering. A couple of coral I thought were gone had enough tissue survive that they are slowly growing back.

I'll take a full set of pics tomorrow when the lights aren't in evening blue.

I'm moving the clownfish and cardinal from my daughters biocube to my tank this weekend.

The watchman goby and pistol shrimp pair will have to go with her tank when she sells it. She is also selling her fw shrimp breeding colony. She wants to keep dart frogs.