Neptune Aquatics

I'm back!

I've been using on of these at work for almost a year and finally decided to upgrade the Reef Geek printers at home.
Moved the tank home today.

All my rock and the corals encrusted on them are still in heated bins in my office due to lack of help on a second trip and a late start.

Tank is home. Fish are in new water. A ton of coral cups floating around.

I have to do plumbing and set up the sump tomorrow.

I don't know how I'm going to get everything home
Good luck with the rest of the move and set up. Maybe there's some bar people not too far from you that can help?
I don't think any of the acros made it. Every acro cup was coral soup.
I put them in the tank anyhow and crossed my fingers.

I was not prepared for this to take several days to get everything moved. The rocks are in. All the critters are alive and the tank has heat and flow. Sump and lights online tomorrow with a water change.
Not enough flow through the cups?
Sorry to hear
Hopefully you can repopulate the lost acros via the club
Positive vibrations to ya n the system
Water changes always help, and never hurt
Best fishes
They were in cups for too long. Maybe it would have been better to leave them in a cooler temp instead of floating in the tank.

A couple frags might make it but all of the colonies are gone.

The Miami hurricane colony is dead. The frags look OK still

A couple hammers melted overnight. I'm sure it will spread to others while I'm at work today.

I hate depending on non reefing people to help me move a tank.
My sympathies. I left the hobby 15years ago because I had issues moving between apartments 1hr away from each other. I was under prepared, my car broke down, and I lost everything.

Moves are hard unless extraordinarily planned IME. If you flip the way you're looking at it, you moved and kept alive a bunch of stuff. Partial success!
I have never had this much loss in a move. I also did this semi professionally for years though.

I have 3 more chalice that died.

My urchin died. Two anemones dead.

I have a tenuis and milli that are still alive but all other acros are gone.

Stylos and most of the montipora are dying.