Reef nutrition

Jeff's 75G conversion from FOLR to reef

Jeff Rehling

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Will be posting pictures as I add various corals to my current tank.

75 gallon with overflow
EShopps 200 sump
Simplicity Skimmer
GFO reactor
Cobalt dual heaters
2 Kessil A360 tuna lights

Adding Shortly:
Kessil controller
MP-40 ecotech pumps

Corals planned:
Bubble Tip Anemone
Utter Chaos zoa's

Suggestions for more??


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Alk/CA dosers?
More rock?
Plan for Nitrates? (Chaeto / carbon dosing / etc)

Jeff Rehling

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So excited. Joined BAR...supporting member. ordered my rocks and mortar from Marco. Kessil controller this month. Having Ultimate Aquarium folks coming out to get rid of these darn micro bubbles. I have the proper light but the chaeto is very unhappy. Not sure what's up with that. Still need:

Dual MP 40's
Carbon Reactor
RODI system
Few more fish
Many corals one by one!

I appreciate the patience as I'm learning this hobby.

Jeff Rehling

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Thanks! I'm in SF---Bernal Heights. If you have pictures I could def slide out there. New to reefing, so I need ones that are hardy!


So hardy ones - eh. I will have to look but I think we have some large cloves, Green Star Polyps, Encrusting green Pavona and probably a couple more.

Jeff Rehling

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Went nuts this week, after payday. Added an MP-40 pump, two designer clowns from The Fish Doctor, 50 pounds of Marco Rocks and mastic! Corals soon

Jeff Rehling

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MP-40 placement question...I have one now, and next month will purchase the other. I am running two pumps right now--the other is a hydor recommended for a 75g tank. Can't remember the model. Right now, they are located opposite each other (one front, one rear) at a depth of about 3". The return line is at the rear of the left side, but doesn't push out much flow. I'm using the purple mode on the MP-40, but haven't really monitored it to see how it cycles. I am adding some additional rock, so i won't know how to set up the flow until that's in and scaped.


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There’s a blue button at the bottom that says, “Upload a File”. Click that and then pick which pic you want to upload.

Jeff Rehling

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getting many different opinions on the Marco rocks. My tank has been running for over a year, with live rock. it's infested with the vermited snails and I want to change to my new rocks. Some have recommended moving the current live rock into the sump and put in the marco. BRS recommends at least two weeks in a tub with saltwater, biospira, a heater, and a powerhead. I guess the latter would make it possible to switch everything out at once? I don't want to upset the system, but also really want my new scape into the tank, as well as not get more snails. GO!