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Kinetic ELOS 120XL


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Status update:

  • Still no Quiet Drain 3 instructions. I've asked nicely once a week with zero response.
  • Still waiting on the stand to ship with the right screws
  • I sent the overflow lids back, including the one that fits but needs to be replaced since it came fairly damaged. Still no response for this either.
  • Put in the deposit for the custom sump, ATO, and stand tray, so waiting on their CAD designs. It's been about 2 weeks, but I'm guessing they're just backed up
  • I'm considering having them make my dosing reservoirs to match, but that seems a bit much
  • Still waiting for any black friday deals, but nothing that I need is on sale yet
  • Plumbing I just need to measure the true distances of the overflow plumbing to see if I could actually fit things like unions right at the threads at the bottom, or if I'll need to thread in some elbows to get the right space. After I measure, I can go HAM on buying a ton of pvc fittings and start dry fitting everything
  • BRS sent me a new controller for the Gyres because of that weird connection thing, so now I have a backup controller (with a weird connection thing). Always nice to have a backup in case something goes wrong with mine, or to be a helping loaner to another club member!
  • Plumbing is scary, but everyone gave me a lot of good advice and I might just simplify and use a dedicated UV pump. This removes all the needs for flow meters (since I'll just use a timer and a cup to measure the flow) and all sorts of valves. I have so many nice VarioS pumps that aren't being used, so might as well repurpose that.
  • Return pump: still planning on the Royal Exclusiv RD3 100watt HP. I'm going to just bite the bullet and buy two, one as a backup. It's a crap ton of money, but it'll be worth it. While I fix one, I can still have the other pump keeping things alive. Crossing my fingers for a sale though...
  • Jetersix got his rock shipment in finally and is constructing my aquascape! Hoping for some results in the next week or so. I'm excited with what he comes up with


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Looking pretty far into the future, but after the new tank cycles, I'm going to move my inverts (including bta's and magnifica) from the temp tank to the new display, but then keep it fallow for 76 days (just to be safe there). Then run my remaining two fish (clowns) through an ich QT of some sort (copper, maybe TTM), then I'll just source all my fish from quarantined shops like Hightide.

  1. Cycle the new tank
  2. Add live reef rubble (aquabiomics)
  3. Move anemones, cerith, and trochus snails over
  4. I'll also get a tiger tail cucumber and probably a few more trochus (captive bred)
  5. Fallow for 76 days after adding these guys
  6. Then start adding QT'd fish and corals


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Black Friday deals started up, and I've pretty much emptied all my tank savings for everything. The only thing I have left is the AquaDriver skimmer neck cleaner. I don't know if they'll have any black friday deals, so no rush to get that.

What I just purchased:
  • ReefMat 1200 + Extra roll
  • Neptune DOS (now I have 2)
  • Neptune Apex A3 Pro
  • IceCap Turf Scrubber Pro - Medium
  • Royal Exclusiv RD3 100watt High Pressure (return pump)
  • Simplicity dosing reservoir + float switches
  • 1" and 3/4" black PVC
  • Handfuls of 90 and 45 elbows, unions, and adapters
  • 1" Spears Gate Valve
  • More citric acid (can never get enough of that)
  • Reef dips (CoralRX, seachem)