High Tide Aquatics

Mermaid Aquarium Sale this weekend!


Past President
I just talked to Max and he says he is overstocked on livestock and things are priced to move - Acros, montis, leathers, zoos, shrooms, Tongan AC and more.

Check it out if you have time!
I know I just spent $150 today on more corals and clams.....well at least its a new month so its in th budget. :)
3 more tonga corals ( 3 for $100 or $45 each -so I spent the $100) and 2 little gold maxima's for (2 for $40). The 2 I got in WMC is doing really well so I picked up to more. : )
I spent $200 on zoas, zoas and zoas this week at Max's. :D I have this 29G w/ zoas only. lolz

I just can't get enough zoas. btw, trading some soon. ;)